Remote control of BBC is back

I have been working on a new way of remote controlling the BBC programs, and I now have the first version of that available in release 2.5.1. It basically means that when you go in to the page it will auto play. You can press Pause on the remote to pause playing, and then press play to play again, all without exiting full screen. If you press Stop, it will exit full screen and stop playing. If you press Play again, it will start playing. Don't press the Escape/Clear key though, or it will loose track of what state it is in. At the moment I have implemented this on BBC programs, but will extend to Hulu and Five in due course.

I have tested this with my 1920×1080 TV, and it should scale to other sizes. If you have a problem with it not picking up the controls, send me a full screen screenshot to allow me to work on that.

Do not post any requests for help about the remote not working unless you have already sent me a full screen screenshot at of the page where it fails to click properly.