Power Controller Now Supports Z-Wave, Mi Casa Verde and Webcams

If you thought that the last PowerControllerMCE news was amazing, you are going to blown away by the latest updates.

PowerControllerMCE is now supports multiple formats

That’s right – due to popular demand, we now support Bye Bye Standby, Z-Wave, Mi Casa Verde and IP Webcams, all in one control system. Mix and match devices as you build your system

Support for multiple zones

Split your house in to different zones or rooms to allow you to group your devices conveniently

Support for scenes

Create multiple scenes for different activities, e.g. Watch Movies, or Bedtime to set multiple devices on or off, and set the dim level, all from one control

Universal Remote Control

You can set a keyboard shortcut for any of the devices or scenes so that you can turn them on or off and dim them without even going in to PowerControllerMCE. If you have a programmable remote control you can even program those keys in to it to control your devices without even turning on your PC

Server support

Rather than leaving your media center PC on all the time to monitor the state of your devices, you can now install a windows home server add-in to control and monitor everything. Best of all, when you do this all of the settings and state information is stored on the server and can be shared from multiple PCs.