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Introducing My Media Center

MillieSoft are pleased to introduce the latest application for windows media center – My Media Center. It's primarily a child friendly interface for media center that parents can use to control what content the children can see.



Have you been terrified that your toddler is about to pick up the remote and start watching the latest episode of Doctor Who? Are your kids frustrated with having to remember if something is in Recorded TV, Videos and DVDs? Are you fed up with your remote-happy kids deleting their favourite program? Do you want to set up a whole hour's of TV without constantly having to come back and pick the next program? Then this is the add-in for you.

My Media Center allows you to;

  • Decide which channels, videos and DVDs are available to watch
  • Put all media items in a single list
  • Add videos and recorded TV to a playlist to set up a whole viewing session
  • No option to accidentally delete precious videos

The settings are all PIN protected so the kids can't change them, and you can launch straight in to My Media Center, bypassing the other screens. Plus there's a funky animated front end that should make it a real hit. Download now from here.

MyMediaCenter FAQ

1. Is there a Vista version?

No, sorry. Some of the interfaces required are only available in Windows 7, so a Vista version is not possible

2. Is there an XP version?

No, sorry. Some of the interfaces required are only available in Windows 7, so an XP version is not possible

3. Why is the wrong logo shown for my TV Channel?

I don't have global information about channels and logos for all TV channels globally, so I have to do some guesswork. I get notified when someone adds a channel with an unrecognized call sign, and I do my best to google the right logo for it. I'm bound to get it wrong sometimes since different countries have similarly named channels. If I have got the wrong channel logo, put a post on the forum with the name of the channel that you see on the screen and a link to the TV station web site.


My Media Center

My Media Center is a Windows 7 Media Center interface specially designed for kids. It has a simple easy to use interface, and it allows a you to set up filters on what can be watched so that your youngsters don't accidentally start watching age inappropriate programs.


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NOTE – when upgrading to 2 or later from 1.2 or before, the auto-upgrade will error. Sorry. Uninstall the old version then install the new version.

Key Features

  • Decide which channels, videos and DVDs are available to watch
  • Settings secured by PIN
  • All media items in a single list
  • Animated screens and exciting UI
  • Add videos and recorded TV to a playlist to set up a whole viewing session
  • Video previews
  • Can launch straight in to My Media Center, bypassing other media options
  • No option to accidentally delete precious videos

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YouTube music coming soon to Songler

All you music fans out there obviously love the high quality audio streams in Songler from and Spotify. Sometimes though it's nice to get the video too, so a new version of Songler is coming soon which integrates with YouTube for music videos too. When you search for a band, you will get the option to search YouTube for music with the name of the artist, bringing a selection of their videos.

Update: Now available here.



Accessibility improvements in TunerFreeMCE

One area that often gets overlooked in media center development is accessibility – i.e. making the software easier to see, hear and use especially for people who have limited sight or hearing. I'm pleased to announce that TunerFreeMCE has been enhanced to rectify. TunerFreeMCE 3.6.0 now has significantly improved screen reader compatibility, and adds the ability to enable both the BBC Sign Zone programs, and the BBC Audio Described programs, bringing TunerFreeMCE's easy to use interface for watching or listening to BBC programs to people with hearing or sight impairments. 

Songler will also get improved screen reader compatibility in the next release too, opening up the world of streaming music on your media center to visually impaired people.

TunerFreeMCE wins Best Free Application award

I'm really pleased to find you that TunerFreeMCE has won an award for Best free Windows Media Center application over at The Digital In fact it didn't just win, it romped home with 68% of the vote. You can listen to the awards show with Ian Dixon and Mike Garcen here. It's the last category to be announced, 43 minutes in to the podcast. 
There is no way TunerFreeMCE would be so good without all of you users who have given feedback, and all of the kind people who have given encouragement by donating, and the plugin developers who have worked so hard to bring even more content to the application. A big thank you to all of you out there.

Songler adds new search capabilities

Songler has been updated to allow searching for music in many more ways. First of all, you can now search for Spotify tracks by Artist, Album or Track name (this is only applicable to Spotify, since can't play individual albums or tracks). Just enter your search and click on one of the icons to search the different categories.

Secondly, Songler now integrates with your Windows Media Center music library. Just browse to something you like in Windows Media Center and press the (i) button on your remote, and select the More… option. Then choose Songler, and it will search for that artist for you.

Download version 1.2 here for these great new features. 

Songler FAQ

Songler FAQ

1) Does Spotify work on extenders?

No. Spotify don't currently have any windows libraries, so I can't directly get their streams. Instead I open the Spotify PC application in the background to play the audio. This doesn't get picked up by the extender, which only plays audio that comes from within media center itself.

Spotify have told me that they are considering windows libraries, which would allow me to give a great user experience on the PC, but at the moment the Spotify apis (for linux) stream Ogg audio, which isn't a supported format on extenders, so unless that changes with the release of windows libraries, it still won't work on extenders. 

2) Does work on extenders?

No, the audio fails to play on extenders. I suspect that extenders are doing something odd like requesting the track twice, which don't allow.

3) How do I get a free spotify account?

Just go to this link to register. 

4) When I enter my username and password, I get an error saying that it failed to authenticate

There is currently an issue with where some accounts can be validated and some accounts can not. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the accounts. See here for the latest from on it. If you are not currently a premium subscriber and want to play content through Songler, my advice is to sign up with for a free account, and then enter your username and password in Songler. If you get the confirmation message saying that your login has been validated but you can't yet play music, then your account is fine, and you can go ahead and upgrade to a premium account. If you get an error that your account cannot be authorized, register a new free account and try again until it works. I'd love feedback on how it goes for you, whether it succeeds or fails, so that I can get a picture of the extent of the problem. E-mail me at with your feedback.

If you have problems, you might also want to contact here, or even contact their support team for a refund at

5) Media Center tells me that Songler has crashed

I need to have more information about why. The first way to do that is to turn on logging. To do that open up regedit, and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MillieSoft\Songler for 64 bit systems or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MillieSoft\Songler for 32 bit. Right click and select New->String Value. Create a registry key called logFile with it's value set to a location where it can write a log file, e.g.


Then run the Songler program again, and various diagnostic messages will be written to the log file.

You should also get the full stack trace of the error. To do that depends on what version of windows you have.

In windows vista, open up regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\Extensibility add a DWORD key EnableErrorDetails and set the value to “1”. Windows Media Center will then add a Details button to the Error dialog box with a stack trace of what's wrong. Take a screenshot of that.

In windows 7, no all you need to do is launch Event Viewer and navigate to the Applications and Services Logs > Media Center node to find the full errors.

Send both the log files and the error details to me at, along with detailed steps of what you did to cause the problem, including details of what artists/songs and so on you choose