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As noted by Stuart over at The Digital Lifestyle, I have released a version of TunerFree MCE that integrates with Hulu. It's most definitley a beta at the moment because of a number of issues;

1) First and foremost, I am in the UK, and Hulu is US only, so I have difficulty testing!
2) Hulu has a massive amount of content – over 6 thousand TV Episodes and feature films alone (I ignored the clips and trailers). This is 6 times larger than the UK content that I have restricted to up until now. I have enough memory on my 6GB/64 bit development box, but know it may overpower the average living room PC. I have plans for how to fix that though. Done
3) I can't get hulu to automatically play when I launch the full screen flash player. 
I can't get hulu to automatically go full screen when I launch the flash player, but it does automatically play. I figured that was the better of the two options.You need to click with the mouse at the moment for full screen. Sucks, I know, but hoping to find a solution soon.
Now goes full screen too
4) No way is it going to work on extenders, because of the flash player. Yes, transcoding would be great, but that's another level of complexity that I am not tackling just yet
5) Although it has both US and UK content, I haven't implemented a proxy switcher yet. Done
6) Out of the box both UK and US programs are enabled, which is not going to work for many people. US people can't watch the UK content and vice versa. I want to add a choice in the installer to limit to one country out of the box. Done
7) I haven't got a good feel yet for what curve-balls hulu may add in their data, so there is an outside possibility of a crash when collecting the data if they make an unexpected change. Looking stable so far

Here's a few pictures of what it looks like;

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