YouTube music coming soon to Songler

All you music fans out there obviously love the high quality audio streams in Songler from and Spotify. Sometimes though it's nice to get the video too, so a new version of Songler is coming soon which integrates with YouTube for music videos too. When you search for a band, you will get the option to search YouTube for music with the name of the artist, bringing a selection of their videos.

Update: Now available here.



Accessibility improvements in TunerFreeMCE

One area that often gets overlooked in media center development is accessibility – i.e. making the software easier to see, hear and use especially for people who have limited sight or hearing. I'm pleased to announce that TunerFreeMCE has been enhanced to rectify. TunerFreeMCE 3.6.0 now has significantly improved screen reader compatibility, and adds the ability to enable both the BBC Sign Zone programs, and the BBC Audio Described programs, bringing TunerFreeMCE's easy to use interface for watching or listening to BBC programs to people with hearing or sight impairments. 

Songler will also get improved screen reader compatibility in the next release too, opening up the world of streaming music on your media center to visually impaired people.