Favourites and BBC changes

I have added a new Favourites feature in TunerFreeMCE (thanks to all of the people who have been suggesting it). The way it works is that it keeps track of what you watch and then calculates what you have been watching the most recently. It then shows the 20 most popular programs. You can also override that by pressing * on the remote when looking at the list of programs to add it to the favourites. If you press #, it will block a program from ever appearing in the favourites. Only programs which currently have episodes will be shown in the favourites list.

The BBC have also changed the way they stream programs yet again. I have updated the code to cope with the new streams, but given the short notice I had to point to the BBC web site, which means that although the programs go full screen within 10 seconds of opening, the remote won't pause or fast forward any more. Shame, but at least it still plays.