TunerFree MCE Compatible with new BBC feeds

I now have a version of TunerFree MCE which is compatible with the new BBC higher resolution feeds, and is also compatible with the remote control.

This new version also uses a background program to cache the TV program details for much faster operation.

Some users have reported issues with the caching, so executables are included to turn caching on and off. The default configuration is to have background caching turned on, but some users have noted a brief blip on their screens as the cache window appears. This should only happen for a fraction of a second now if you are not in full screen mode.

The executables availabe are as follows;

StartLiveCache – sets the system to cache the data only when you launch theTunerFree MCE program

StopLiveCache – sets the system to never use a cache and query all programs when it loads each time

StartOfflineCache (default) – sets the system to cache in the background every hour

StopOfflineCache – turns off the background cache