Hulu get defensive!

I have come across an interesting development with Hulu this morning. They have started encoding the html that they send to people's browsers, and then decoding it using javascript before rendering it. An example of what they send now is this link, which returns;


which is URL encoded characters (e.g. %F2 =242), which are in some way byte shifted from their original characters. They then run the character stream through a series of javascript functions to convert it back in to plain text before pushing it in to your browser using DHTML. That's quite a lot of effort just for fun, so I assume that is to stop screen scrapers from parsing content.

That means that no new programs will be added to Hulu in TunerFreeMCE at the moment, but your old list of programs should continue to work fine (I put in some defensive code recently to not wipe out the list if nothing was found Smile), and I am working on code to decode the new content.

Update– version 2.6.7 is now available to download to work round this new tactic.