TunerFreeMCE Bandwidth

I got a message today about a user who had hit their monthly download limit in no time at all usingĀ TunerFreeMCE. My first thought was that this must be a glitch or a bug. Then I looked at the size of the new Hulu content. With their new encoding, each Hulu page is about 150K, and there are nearly a thousand of them. That means that each time TunerFreeMCE does a scan of Hulu, it downloads about 120MB in total. That compares to about 5MB for all of the UK content. On it's own, that's not too bad, but by default it does that every hour. That's getting on for 3GB a day. And that's just for the background processes, not for watching any video, which is in fact small compared to that (less than 1GB an hour on high resolution).

If you are using TunerFreeMCE and are on a download limited broadband connection, you definitely want to take some action to avoid this. What you should do is;

1) Go to the preferences screen, and change the frequency of download from 1 hour to 12 hours. 1 hour is overkill and I will change the default in the next release, and add a 24 hour option too.
2) If you are in the UK, go to the preferences screen and turn off Hulu. That will dramatically reduce the data requirements.

That should bring the data usage way down to a far more acceptable level.