Overriding the click positions

The way that TunerFreeMCE plays, pauses and goes full screen for flash based content is it simulates a mouse click in just the right place. The software has some pre-seeded click positions for the most common window sizes, and does it's best to calculate the rest. This is done by looking at the file C:/ProgramData/MillieSoft/TunerFreeMCE/resolutions2.dat. That file is automatically updated on the fly too every time the list of programs is built, so any changes to the click positions, e.g. due to new banner adds on the pages, can be pushed out automatically.

Sometimes though, for whatever reason, your media center just doesn't quite display things in the same position as everyone else. You can set your own positions for the clicks by copying resolutions2.dat to C:/ProgramData/MillieSoft/TunerFreeMCE/resolutionOverride.dat. If that file exists, it will be read first, and does not get overwritten by the system.

The format of the file is as follows;


where “bbcPlayNonFSX” means the X coordinate of the bbc play button not in full screen and so on. 


To change the click position for your screen, just keep one line in the file that has the closest resolution to yours in it, and delete the others. Do not put a return at the end of the line – it must not have any blank lines in it. Once you have that one line, edit the resolution to be the same as yours, and then change the click point that you need to correct. For example if you have 1920×1020 resolution, and you needed to change the coordinates for the bbc play button from 646,524 to 690,550, you would have the following change;


Don't forget, when new functionality is added (e.g. the BBC HD streams recently), you may need to get a new copy of the resolution file to work from, because new click coordinates will be added.