GoogleReader MCE

Google have produced a 10 foot interface for Google Reader, called Google Reader Player. Nice.


Of course the ideal place to make use of a 10 foot google reader interface is in Media Center, so GoogleReader MCE is a simple app to launch Google Reader Player from within Media Center. 


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After you install on Vista you will find the Google Reader MCE icon under Online Media -> Program Library, and in Windows 7 you will find it under Extras -> Extras Library

Known Issues 

1) Windows 7 seems to block remote commands through to the web page when opened in Media Center. Not sure why. I am investigating. That makes it pretty useless for Windows 7 users today.

2) You have to press Back for every page you navigated, plus one of the launch page if you want to exit by pressing Back. My advice is exit by pressing the Green Button. 

3) One of the catches with Media Center is that it doesn't save cookies be default, and doesn't share cookies with the desktop applications, which means you can't log in to Google Reader in media center by default. Never fear, there is a simple solution. Open up Internet Explorer and go to Internet Preferences, then go to the Privacy tab and click on Sites and add This will allow you to log in in media center (using a keyboard and mouse), and have it remember your login.