MCE LoveFilm


Unfortunately Amazon have changed the way videos are played, and we can no longer work with it. MCELoveFilm no longer works. Thanks for your support over the years though. Martin.

LoveFilm for Media Center allows you to watch streaming movies from Amazon Prime Instant Video, list, all from your Media Center PC. It is compatible with, and*.

Windows 8 – MCE LoveFilm is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you are upgrading to Windows 8, you can use your original MCELoveFilm license which was e-mailed to you when you purchased your license. Don’t forget to upgrade Silverlight in Internet Explorer before playing videos.


Thanks to Matt Matthias who came up with the excellent screen designs.

NOTE: To stream movies or TV Programs (licensed version), you need to log in to the lovefilm player in addition to logging in to MCELoveFilm. When you first try to play a move, you will be taken to the login page. You should only need to do that once.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 Home Premium/Ultimate or Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center
  • 2BG RAM or greater
  • An Amazon Prime account at, or


When you first start MCE LoveFilm you will get the option to select to use US, UK or DE. This will allow you to stream videos from your local country, but doesn’t give you access to videos in other countries unless you have an account there.

First of all you will see a list of genres to pick from;

click on a genre to see a list of films;

Clicking on a film will open the film details, allowing you to play the film.

You can also see a list of the cast and crew;

Click on the search link to search for movies by movie title. Enter part of the film name and press OK to search.

When you click on a film, you will see it’s details, plus a list of possible actions.

To play films, you will have to log in once to the amazon web site, but you only need to do that once.


If you want to save a movie for later without adding it to your rental list, you can add it to your favourites in MCE LoveFilm. This is a special list of movies that you might want to save for streaming later without renting.

If you have licensed MCE LoveFilm, you can also keep favourites in sync between multiple installations of MCE LoveFilm on different computers, and even send favourites from your browser. To enable this feature you must enter a pin code in the settings. Enter the same pin code on each computer to synchronize the movies.

TV Programs

When you pick the Online TV option, you will be shown a list of TV programs. The first TV programs in that genre will be shown, and MCE LoveFilm will continue to retrieve more programs for that genre in the background. When it has completed, the spinning indicator will disappear. You don’t have to wait for it to disappear to browse through the list that it has retrieved already though.

When you find a TV program that you want to watch, click on it, and you will be shown all of the episodes of that program. You can then click on an episode to play it. Press Back to exit the episode list and return to the program list.

Playing video

While the video is playing, you can press play or pause to pause the video. Pressing Stop or Back will return you to media center.

You may see a “Full Screen” button on the video. If you wait 5 seconds, it will automatically go full screen

Change Log

4.1.3 Fixed a problem with auto-play not working. Note, with this version the whole Amazon web page will be shown just before it plays full screen. This is not as attractive looking as the previous solution, but it is much more reliable.
4.1.2 Fixed a problem with sometimes looping when playing.
4.1.1 Fixed a problem with some movies causing the program to crash
4.1.0 Fixed a problem with TV episodes not playing the right episode. Fixed a problem with movies not showing the first time.
4.0.9 Fixed a problem with images not being picked up, and non-prime videos showing in US and Germany.
4.0.8 Fixed a problem with favorites not playing.
4.0.7 Fixed an issue with some TV series not showing.
4.0.6 Allow the code to be installed anywhere.
4.0.4 Fixed a problem with going full screen.
4.0.3 Fixed a problem with favourites not showing details. Added population of synopsis to all items when you pause on the film list.
4.0.2 Fixed a problem with clean installs hanging when opening.
4.0.1 Fixed a problem with not going back from title list.
4.0.0 Re-written to support Amazon Prime Instant Video instead of LoveFilm.
3.2.2 Fixed a problem with auto play.
3.2.1 Fixed a problem with updating to version 3.2.0.
3.2.0 Added support for services such as LoveFilm from Natwest. See above for instructions.
3.1.9 Improved the way streaming shows movies and trailers.
3.1.8 Increased the maximum rental list size to 100.
3.1.7 Fixed a problem with some users seeing a black screen when playing.
Fixed a problem with navigating to more films.
3.1.6 Fixed a problem with german films not showing the right list.
Added an option to change countries to the settings.
3.1.5 Added German translations (thanks to Sebastian Breuer)
Fixed a problem with LoveFilm pin being set.
Fixed a problem with a horizontal scrollbar showing.
3.1.4 Fixed a problem the latest LoveFilm updates not showing streaming.
Fixed a problem with the back button when looking at TV episode details.
3.1.3 Fixed a problem with TV episode thumbnails and sorting.
Made the logout navigation more obvious
Added the ability to log out of the player by pressing F6.
3.1.2 Fixed a problem with the settings screen now being available unless you are licensed.
3.1.1 Fixed a problem with a couple of TV shows not playing.
Fixed a problem with a white line showing on the screen.
3.1.0 Re-written player and online film parser to be compatible with the updated LoveFilm site.
3.0.0 Added the ability to find recorded TV by episode.
Added streaming support for amazon login.
2.2.7 Fixed a problem with the new LoveFilm login screen.
Added a preference for the default start screen.
Added streaming support for
2.2.6 Fixed a problem with playing on secondary screens.
2.2.5 Made play/pause work properly.
2.2.4 Fixed a problem with new users not being able to log in.
2.2.3 Allowed trailers and movies to be played from Blu-Ray links.
2.2.2 Fixed another problem that occurred when LoveFilm is not down.
2.2.1 Fixed a problem that occurred when LoveFilm is not down.
2.2.0 Allowed access to streaming, even when lovefilm api access is down.
2.1.9 Fixed a problem with 2.1.8 which prevented the screen from showing for some users.
2.1.8 Changed the way the player scales the video. This should get better alignment on all screens.
2.1.7 Fixed a problem with crashes when the LoveFilm cover images are not available.
2.1.6 Fixed a problem with dual displays of different resolution.
2.1.5 Made sure mouse auto-fades
Suppress LoveFilm script errors.
2.1.4 Added additional scaling capabilities – press Channel +/- or PgUp/PgDown to zoom in and out of video
Improved detection of trailers and streaming
Improved click to play reliability
2.1.3 Added ability to use Play and Pause buttons
2.1.2 Video now opens on the same screen as media center
Fixed a problem with not moving to previous 50 in the watch online list
Fixed a problem with navigating after adding a favourite
2.1.1 Added “New Releases” and “Just Added”
Fixed a bug with empty favourites.
2.1.0 Added the ability to save favourites.
Online favourites for licensed customers.
Improved streaming capabilities.
2.0.0 Full streaming capabilities added.
Split out Blu-Ray and DVD content.
Improved streaming capabilities.
1.2.3 Improved screen resolution compatibility.
1.2.2 Fixed a problem with entering usernames.
1.2.1 Allow logging in to the new video display.
1.2.0 Re-written the code that displays video.
1.1.2 Fixed another issue with having no titles in your queue.
1.1.1 Fixed an issue with having no titles in your queue.
1.1.0 Fixed an issue with having no titles at home.
1.0.8 Fixed an issue with having multiple titles at home.
1.0.7 Added a link to the LoveFilm site so that you can log in
1.0.5 Added Logging capabilities
Minor UI tweaks.
1.0.4 Added the ability to search by actor or director.
Numerous bug fixes.
1.0.3 First non-beta version.

Refund policy

You can try out the application before purchasing to make sure it meets your needs. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, let us know within 60 days and we’ll cancel your license and refund you in full.